Projeos application

Projeos is an enterprise web application designed to streamline project management and enhance real-time collaboration for teams. Partnering with Thibaud Moulin, I led the information architecture, branding, and UI design to create a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for both managers and collaborators.


Product Design
Project Management software

My Role

Information architecture
UI Design


Thibaud Moulin
Project Management, Business Plan

Creating an intuitive platform for project management and real-time collaboration was critical. The goal was to enable seamless task management, scheduling, and transparent reporting while providing managers with robust oversight tools. To achieve this, we developed a user-friendly interface that facilitated real-time collaboration and ensured transparency in reporting and budget management.

The dynamic dashboard and user profiles were designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their activities and projects. Reminiscent of a social network feed, the dashboard showcased messages, meetings, current projects, and collaborator activities, along with a persistent toolbar for quick access to notifications and collaborative tools. This approach enhanced engagement and productivity by allowing users to easily monitor their activities and stay updated with their team’s progress.

We also integrated tools for seamless collaboration and communication among team members, including task management, scheduling, and direct messaging. These tools allowed users to attach relevant documentation and links to tasks, centralizing all project-related information and reducing the need for external communication tools. For managers, we developed functionalities to manage tasks, track budgets, and monitor project timelines with dynamic views for budget tracking and resource allocation. This comprehensive approach enabled efficient project oversight, resource allocation, and financial control, leading to better project outcomes.

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