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Musical projects in which I have been involved as a musician, producer (Royal Milf), DJ (Victorious) or compilations (Dope Selecta).
Déviations électroniques vol.01 [2014]
Déviations Electroniques vol.03 [2015]
Spring Beam mix [2013]
Royal Milf - The Spiral EP [2011]
Dope Selecta vol.10 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.08 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.06 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.03 [2007]
Dope Selecta vol.01 [2007]
Déviations Electroniques vol.02 [2014]
Déviations Electroniques vol.04 [2015]
Get Down funk-disco mix [2011]
Royal Milf - Forget the Lyrics EP [2011]
Dope Selecta vol.09 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.07 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.04 [2008]
Dope Selecta vol.02 [2007]
Lewis Parker special mix [2009]

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