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Product Lead – UI & IXD at UNOWHY


  • I am creating the 2024 strategic plan for SQOOL product suite, including the vision, roadmap, budget and resource allocation. This plan will be presented to UNOWHY executives and C-Levels in December 2023.
  • I build a prioritization framework for product evolutions coming from the Customer Success team.
  • I create 2 business cases for integration contracts with our educational software suite.

My ultimate goal is to transform the perception over what we call « digital » to make it invisible and get our user to do what he has to do without disturbing him with the logic of a computer system. Design a tool that becomes helpful, that inspires.


  • I am a passionate designer with experience in innovation, media groups and startups.
  • I work at the intersection between branding, interface design, content and strategy.
  • I am used to lead a team as well as being hands-on.
  • I am currently learning product management, prioritization methodologies and to extend my leadership to product owners in the product team I lead alongside 2 other Product Leads at UNOWHY (3 designers, 6 product owners).

I believe

  • Creating digital products that help clients, not overwhelm or nag them into certain behaviors. I prioritize respectful interfaces that favor user efficiency and satisfaction over profit.
  • Deep understanding of user needs, precision in craft, standard patterns over fancy UI and a commitment to design valuable interactions that foster task completion without interference.
  • Empower my team with guidelines and coaching enables them to navigate complexity, be creative with design solutions, and develop their careers.


  • Self explanatory interfaces over minimalistic
  • Taking care of the user daily workflow to help him during micro-moments
  • Valuable micro-interactions over complicated paths
  • Static & focused over infinite.


I deliver

  • High-level strategic thinking with attention to product and design details
  • Bring concept to life with hi-fidelity prototypes to sell a target vision to stakeholders
  • Ability to create a vision, shape an MVP and set the scope to build an app from scratch
  • Experience in leading design teams, partner development, stakeholders communication
  • Design thinking, workshop facilitation, lean and agile way of working
  • Set the path for designers with briefs, documentation and project framing
  • Team building, recruitment, mentoring

I love

  • Browsers and OS design, transforming complex concepts into unique interactions that enhance productivity.
  • Design high-level concepts with realistic interactive prototypes
  • Drive a culture of excellence for design craft and delivery (system, continuous improvement, precision in what the team delivers)
  • Innovation-focused companies, with a mature technical solution, looking to build user-centered experiences and bring value to their audience.
  • Collaborating with high-level front-end developers, sensible to implementation and micro-interactions.
  • Leading and growing design teams, and inspiring them to achieve their best at problem solving as well as delivering design assets.


Interface design
UX & Interaction design
Motion design

Team management
Workshop facilitation
Creative direction
Art direction


Products & Services
User Interaction & Experience
Creative Strategy
Concepting & Ideation
Art Direction
Web Design

Mobile Design
Rapid Prototyping
Design System
Photography & Retouching
Video & Sound Design
Motion Design & Animation


Adobe CC / XD



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