As a Product Designer and UI Team Lead, I led the redesign of the PagesJaunes mobile apps for iOS and Android, focusing on the first-time experience, onboarding, and user engagement. I developed responsive designs for, reaching 15 million unique visitors per month, and standardized design consistency across platforms. Key projects encompassed the homepage redesign, onboarding experience, Android Wear app, and Renault R-Link application design supervision.


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As a Product Designer and UI Team Lead at PagesJaunes from 2014 to 2016, I played a pivotal role in designing features for the PagesJaunes mobile app, which reached 22 million downloads and 300,000 daily users. I developed consistent, platform-specific design patterns for iOS and Android, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, I mentored a team of four UI designers, fostering communication and guiding them on tools and asset management. Key projects included the homepage redesign, onboarding experience for iOS and Android, and the Android Wear app design.

In my broader role as a Product Designer, I crafted responsive designs for, serving 15 million unique visitors per month. I facilitated seamless collaboration between product owners, front-end developers, and design teams, contributing to the establishment of the PagesJaunes design system. I presented projects at internal events like User Club Day 2015, demonstrating our design expertise and impact. Key projects included the subscription/login system design, TheFork partnership co-branding strategy, and supervising the Renault R-Link application design.

Our user-centered design approach involved close collaboration with developers and iterative testing with real users to refine interactions and UI elements. By leveraging user insights and data-driven decisions, we prioritized features and improvements, ensuring seamless integration and performance. These strategic design efforts significantly enhanced PagesJaunes’ digital presence, creating intuitive and engaging user experiences across multiple platforms.

PagesJaunes mobile application homepage, ios and android
Homepage background for each targeted professional - the aim is to create proximity and conviviality between the professional and the user

Animation displayed at 1st launch for user onboarding – iOS

Animation displayed at 1st launch for user onboarding – Android
ipad homepage UI
ipad homepage variations
geolocation and pedestrian directions on the ipad app
geolocation and directions on the iphone app
in-app location banners optimization for better contrast and accessibility
Android wear app - Users can locate professionals, call and get the directions to the shop.
Android Wear application UI for squared and rounded screens
Regular and ambient modes