Citylights mobile application

French media leader group Solocal planned a significant move to the brand new Citylights campus in Boulogne-Billancourt. To support this transition, we designed a mobile application aimed at enhancing the daily lives of Solocal’s 5,500 employees by providing practical and social tools.


Product Design
Mobile application

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Product Strategy
Interface and Interaction Design
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Anne-Laure Camberlein
Marketing Strategy & Research

Romain Delfosse
Technical Expertise & Budget Planning

App key visual

In 2016, Solocal Group planned a major relocation to the Citylights campus in Boulogne-Billancourt, moving 11 subsidiaries into a 32,000m² space. To support this transition, we designed a mobile application to enhance the daily lives of Solocal’s 5,500 employees. Our goal was to help employees adapt to the new environment, maintain productivity, and foster a sense of community through practical and social tools.

To address these needs, we conceptualized and designed a mobile app focused on key areas: facilitating navigation, streamlining room booking, and enabling real-time communication. We identified pain points through user interviews and surveys, and prioritized features accordingly. Weekly design workshops and iterative prototyping ensured user-friendly solutions that met the needs of both employees and management.

In parallel, we developed a cohesive visual identity that aligned with Solocal’s branding while reflecting the architectural uniqueness of Citylights. The logotype, inspired by the campus’s petal-like structure, embodied community and convergence. The final design integrated functionalities like messaging, real-time location updates, and seamless room booking, demonstrating our commitment to user-centered design and innovative problem-solving.

Notification and home screen
Book a room with equipment for your next meeting
Find route to colleague's desk
Report an incident in the building
Browse company's directory and contact collaborators
Send direct messages in the internal chat
Brand identity construction